Silent Activism is still Climate Activism

Hi friends,

The heading might throw you off a little bit but just stay with me while I explain this. Some of you might be aware of the upcoming UN Water conference this week, and maybe even headed there yourself. Some of you might also know that I am really passionate about climate finance and young people. I am not going to the UN Water week and I am gutted not to be going given that I really care about water supply systems and sanitation in developing countries.

I have been to a lot of UN conferences and I reached an anti-climax at Glasgow when I realized that more of the same was being said from the very first time I went 3 years ago. It was literally like ground-hog day. One promise after another with limited to no deliverables in sight.

So together with some young people, I went and started a fund for youth (you can read more about it here). That in itself was a journey. Still is a journey, of which I am glad to be undertaking. The only reason I did this was because, I was disappointed by the system. Just like every single youth out there.

But as you all know, time catches up to you, and so do environments, and I realized that even though I was considered a youth back in the country that I grew up in, I really am an adult now, and in a sense, a part of the system that is failing us. I try everyday to be better, to make sure whatever my actions and advocacy and activism translates into a different sort of positive change for those coming after me.

And, not all of us can go to the streets and protest and get media attention for our activities. However, I have slowly come to realize that if you truly care about the climate crisis, or whatever subset of climate action that you have dedicated your unpaid time to, then the publicity really should not matter. It should simply be a result of all your hard work and commitment. And this is where I think a lot of us get trapped.

It is in thinking and believing that likes and followers and interviews and attention matters more than our actions. And so we become loud and vocal and angry about the situation, all the while forgetting to implement the solutions and taking the action on ground, because we are tied up with being loud and angry and seeking attention for why we are loud and angry.

Don’t get me wrong. It is ok to be loud and angry sometimes. This is what keeps us sober and sharp on the goal. But we must back that sobriety with real action. And I would love to think that maybe flying to a world conference all the time is not always the answer. That sometimes, silent activism and loud action is better for the planet.

Like most of my fellow activists, I have battled with the emotions of “to go” or “not to go”, as if my presence or absence thereof will truly make a difference. And the truth is that in the grand scheme of things, it does not. Because I am only one person against a bureaucratic system designed to be slow and tedious. I honestly wish it weren’t so, and I wish I would be content with just living with the Status Quo and letting the UN be the UN, and not caring about whether change happens or not. But I am not wired like that. I do want to see change, and most times if the change is not coming, I instigate it to happen. Hence the GYCAF.

And I do know a lot of amazing young activists out there whose voices are not yet heard, who do not have access to public spaces and global exchanges, but who are doing the work just the same, silently in their little corner of the world. It can be a lonely and sometimes difficult job, to continue at it, especially when no one is rewarding or watching. But to those activists, I say to you, silent activism is still climate activism.

And trust me when I say this, your day will come.




Implementing Your Goals


Quick actionable tips to help you implement your goals starting today. Enjoy! #MariaHorne

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Staying Financially Focused

In today’s world there are a lot of distractions that will prevent you from achieving your dreams. Personal dreams. Career Goals. Professional dreams. You name it. The goal is to stay focused and remember the why, and always have a true north.

Overcome Distractions

Distractions can come in the form of family, friends, life throwing all kinds of hurdles and challenges at you, and yes, even yourself. To be successful, you need to become really good at identifying these challenges and facing them head-on. Saying no should be common practice for you, because not every opportunity is beneficial for you. Not every expense is necessary, and not every craving is warranted.

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Books I am Reading. How to Read More

As a follow-up to my previous post, I would like to share some of the books I am reading this quarter. I did mention the importance of reading for entrepreneurs and I hope you find some inspiration in some of my picks. I also would like to hear from you about what books you are reading to further your goals both professional and personal.

  • Getting to Yes – Roger Fisher and William Ury
  • Every Day a Friday – Joel Osteen
  • The Art of Her Deal – Mary Jordan
  • The Next Level – David Cottrell
  • Night Sky – Clare Francis

Simple Tips for the Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not a path that everyone follows. It takes a lot of grit and perseverance. As someone who started and exited businesses in my twenties, I can relate to the challenges and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Point blank, it is not an easy road, and if you do not have the emotional stamina and support to get through the toughest of times, and there will be tough times, then you might be better off being an intrapreneur.

I will say that there is no shame in not being an entrepreneur, and not all entrepreneurs are successful or end up taking their companies to an IPO. But for those who commit to this journey, the rewards are ever as delicious as the struggles are painful. So some key takeaways for those of you who are just as crazy as some of us to continue on this road of finding freedom on our terms:

The Importance of Wealth Building for Climate Activists

I think it is really important for young people to build wealth in their youth, so they can be financially empowered to make a difference with their wallets. It is just as equally important to understand finance and what it means in the simplest of terms so that when we enter the negotiation rooms, we understand what is being negotiated and what that translates into in our day-to-day lives.

Remember, wisdom is sometimes hidden in books, but mostly in the knowledge built over time by your immediate neighbor. So as you build your knowledge of finance, observe and learn what is happening in your surrounding. Especially for climate activists, it is really critical to observe what is happening in your ecosystem and immediate environment to determine how that will affect and impact you both in the short and long term.

Demistifying AI… and LIFE

What is the meaning of life? What is life? Why are we put on this planet, in this galaxy? Why do we have to die? I was having a discussion with my better half last night about this. These are big questions. With no answers? I don’t believe that in the 8 billion people on this earth, no-one has the answer. Someone has got to know why we are living. Otherwise what is the point of living?

Are we living just because we can, or is there some sort of purpose as to why everyone of us is here at this time? Are some of us more intelligent and others mediocre? Or do we all have the same capacity and capability to achieve greatness? And if we do, then what? Why does one person work so hard to have the best lifestyle money can buy if in the end he returns to ashes? What is the point of all this? Are we meant to be extinct?

Is there life after death? Or do we reincarnate into someone else, a new being? Why do we have to die? If we have to die, why can’t we find a way to preserve our grey matter… you know that knowledge embedded in our skull, why does that have to die with us? How does the generation after us profit if we die with our intelligence?

Speaking of intelligence… isn’t it highly possible that we aren’t the only intelligent beings in our galaxy? Why should we be so vain into believing that we are the only ones? And if they exist, why haven’t we made contact with any of them yet? And what about Artificial Intelligence? Is that our future? Is it safe to say that 100 years from now human life will have morphed into AI? The dawn of Robots! Is this our saving grace? Our way of saving ourselves from ourselves and immortalizing our existence on earth?