Perseverance – a Fruit of the Spirit.

I cried today. Not because of anything drastically upsetting but because I was overwhelmed with deflation and overcome by defeat at the fact that one of the projects we were working so hard to incubate seemed to be a lost cause. This is the first time I have been vulnerable in a long while to anyone else other than my spouse. I did not know how committed and dedicated I was to this endeavor, that the mere thought of us being written out dealt such a huge blow to my soul.

Today I was reminded of the importance of perseverance, as I have been reminded one time too many when pressed against a hard wall. I want to applaud all those entrepreneurs and activists who wake up everyday and toil at their trade. It’s not easy. You may have the skills but not the resources to employ it, you may have the product but not the customers to buy it, you may have the money but not the ideas to invest in. You may have this, but lack the other.

Perseverance is about looking at what you have and making it work, believing and trusting in God, or the Universe or Fate to fill the gaps and yes, simply walking in blindly. I have done this many many times in my life, and I will say it is very very risky, but also extremely rewarding once you get over to the other side.

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For a Peaceful, Just and Equal World đź•Š

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Hi! I had the lovely opportunity of being invited to speak at the WPIMUN 2020 summit (virtually of course) on the topic of racism. I would like to share with you my speech, if just to give some hope to a few people. Enjoy!

As the world faces a global pandemic, we are also dealing with the intricacies of social and civil injustices. Today I would like to address one of the fore-front egregious issues – racism.

21st Century Racism

The recent death of George Floyd has woken up a long and often silenced discussion amongst the black and white community. Namely that – is everyone deserving of equal treatment? The absolute answer to that is a resounding Yes. Yes, everyone of every color, ethnicity and background deserves equal and fair treatment free of discrimination and segration. Yes a young black man should not be afraid to envision the same bright future that a young white man dreams of today. Gone are the days when coloreds were considered debase, and stuck in holes as punishment for their disobedience to their Masters. Gone are the days when young women knotted their hair to hide information from their Masters (mass’ers) in hopes of communicating songs of freedom to their brothers and sisters. Gone are the days when white folk unleashed rabid dogs onto black populations to tear them apart and the KKK was alive and kicking.

Demistifying AI… and LIFE

What is the meaning of life? What is life? Why are we put on this planet, in this galaxy? Why do we have to die? I was having a discussion with my better half last night about this. These are big questions. With no answers? I don’t believe that in the 8 billion people on this earth, no-one has the answer. Someone has got to know why we are living. Otherwise what is the point of living?

Are we living just because we can, or is there some sort of purpose as to why everyone of us is here at this time? Are some of us more intelligent and others mediocre? Or do we all have the same capacity and capability to achieve greatness? And if we do, then what? Why does one person work so hard to have the best lifestyle money can buy if in the end he returns to ashes? What is the point of all this? Are we meant to be extinct?

Is there life after death? Or do we reincarnate into someone else, a new being? Why do we have to die? If we have to die, why can’t we find a way to preserve our grey matter… you know that knowledge embedded in our skull, why does that have to die with us? How does the generation after us profit if we die with our intelligence?

Speaking of intelligence… isn’t it highly possible that we aren’t the only intelligent beings in our galaxy? Why should we be so vain into believing that we are the only ones? And if they exist, why haven’t we made contact with any of them yet? And what about Artificial Intelligence? Is that our future? Is it safe to say that 100 years from now human life will have morphed into AI? The dawn of Robots! Is this our saving grace? Our way of saving ourselves from ourselves and immortalizing our existence on earth?

Predicting The Next Big Thing

A lot is happening in the tech world and will continue to happen for the next decade. It may come as a surprise to those outside the tech world that technological inventions were predicted as far back as the mid-1800s by none other than Jules Verne. 

Jules influenced science fiction into present-day reality with his extraordinary gift of envisioning a future well beyond his time. He believed in the power of the human brain to create things that were considered in his time to be preposterous and even heretic. Besides his most famous book “Around the World in Eighty Days” (do get a copy if you haven’t already), there was one concise yet astonishingly accurate piece he wrote that to this very day keeps me marveling at his literary abilities; “In the Year 2889” a short story written by Jules and published with the help of his son Michel. It speaks about the advancement of human life eight centuries from now. I daresay, some of the aspects he mentions about computers and cutting time in more than half are already happening. 

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