Implementing Your Goals


Quick actionable tips to help you implement your goals starting today. Enjoy! #MariaHorne

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Staying Financially Focused

In today’s world there are a lot of distractions that will prevent you from achieving your dreams. Personal dreams. Career Goals. Professional dreams. You name it. The goal is to stay focused and remember the why, and always have a true north.

Overcome Distractions

Distractions can come in the form of family, friends, life throwing all kinds of hurdles and challenges at you, and yes, even yourself. To be successful, you need to become really good at identifying these challenges and facing them head-on. Saying no should be common practice for you, because not every opportunity is beneficial for you. Not every expense is necessary, and not every craving is warranted.

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Books I am Reading. How to Read More

As a follow-up to my previous post, I would like to share some of the books I am reading this quarter. I did mention the importance of reading for entrepreneurs and I hope you find some inspiration in some of my picks. I also would like to hear from you about what books you are reading to further your goals both professional and personal.

  • Getting to Yes – Roger Fisher and William Ury
  • Every Day a Friday – Joel Osteen
  • The Art of Her Deal – Mary Jordan
  • The Next Level – David Cottrell
  • Night Sky – Clare Francis

We wish you #Happiness for 2021

Dear 2021,

Thank you for 2020. Despite the challenges, we got so much done, perhaps more than we thought was possible.

For this year, we want to ask for only one thing. #Happiness. Happiness can be felt by the compassion you show others, the love you share with a loved one, the great food and wine you toast to after spending an hour in the kitchen pouring your heart out into an imperfect meal; the friendships you nurture and cherish and grow throughout the years, you know, those friends that always have your back no matter what, correct you and keep your pride in check and love you just the same; Family… as complicated as it is, the gift of family that inspires you to be a better version of yourself.

One on One with Sarah Voska

Join us this week as we chat with Sarah Voska, Director of ClimAcademy at Care About Climate. We will delve into climate action in the US, Sarah’s experience in empowering and educating young people about climate change, and also discuss how the pandemic has impacted the ability to advocate for climate change and policies in the States.

One on One with Yugratna Srivastava

Yugratna Srivastava is the current Global South focal point for UNEP Major Group for Children and Youth UNEP MGCY, the official youth constituency to the UN Environment. She is also a strong advocate for youth engagement at the policy level in both climate and environment.

I sit down with her to discuss some pertinent issues in the youth advocacy space and also glean some wisdom from her years of lobbying within the United Nations.

For a Peaceful, Just and Equal World 🕊

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Hi! I had the lovely opportunity of being invited to speak at the WPIMUN 2020 summit (virtually of course) on the topic of racism. I would like to share with you my speech, if just to give some hope to a few people. Enjoy!

As the world faces a global pandemic, we are also dealing with the intricacies of social and civil injustices. Today I would like to address one of the fore-front egregious issues – racism.

21st Century Racism

The recent death of George Floyd has woken up a long and often silenced discussion amongst the black and white community. Namely that – is everyone deserving of equal treatment? The absolute answer to that is a resounding Yes. Yes, everyone of every color, ethnicity and background deserves equal and fair treatment free of discrimination and segration. Yes a young black man should not be afraid to envision the same bright future that a young white man dreams of today. Gone are the days when coloreds were considered debase, and stuck in holes as punishment for their disobedience to their Masters. Gone are the days when young women knotted their hair to hide information from their Masters (mass’ers) in hopes of communicating songs of freedom to their brothers and sisters. Gone are the days when white folk unleashed rabid dogs onto black populations to tear them apart and the KKK was alive and kicking.

COVID-19, Adaptation and the New Norm

It’s been a whirlwind of events, emotions and just life! 2019 was incredible, magical, unexpected, rewarding. And I planned to continue this trait as the sun began to rise on 2020. Shoring up plans, reading up on policy documents, signing up for events, and ramping up our fundraising efforts. Best laid plans right?

In reflection I have learned so much about how we as humans adapt to the unknown, and I have been able to dig deeper into my life purpose, both personal and professional. I guess I could say the lines blurred a little too much the past year, and I did lose sight of the simple things, got so caught up trying to be the best, and stay ahead that I forgot what truly matters. Love – loving the people that love you, loving yourself, and loving life.

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Hot on Heels at COP 24

I start this blog post with that provocative title because this was literally my experience at my very first COP 24 session in Katowice, Poland. For those who may not understand some of the abbreviations allow me to give a quick intro:

COP – Conference of Parties

UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

YOUNGO – Youth NGOs also the official youth constituency to the UNFCCC

PAWP – Paris Agreement Work Program

I got into the whole COP negotiations coffee-crazed, sleep deprived, life changing session because of a thing my organization did with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. That is another story for another day. So this thing, allowed me to earn the privilege of participating in the GSCSY (sorry another acronym) short for Global South Climate Scholarship for Youth, where I met amazing youth advocates from all over the world, literally. I am talking three continents from the global south with a rich diversity in culture and the way we all view how climate change affects us.

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