“Keep a Girl in School”

Funded by: GFA Consulting Group based in Hamburgh Germany

Partners: Technology for Tomorrow (T4T), Straight Talk Foundation Uganda

Timeline: October 2015 – April 2016

This project focused on providing affordable sanitary pads to girls in Kitebi SSS Rubaga, Kampala. Initially the project donated disposable environmentally friendly pads to the girls form senior one to senior six for a total of over 1000 girls for the first four months and two multi-purpose incinerators. The intended impact was to ensure girls do not miss a single day at school, a disadvantage they have over boys during their menses. We strategically targeted the “National Exams” period as we believe this would have a higher impact. Towards project close, we were able to secure further funding for installation of Solar hand washing facilities, an innovation that had surprising positive impacts on promoting hygiene within the school community. Read more

 “Retailoring Rural Education”

Camera 360

Funded by: In progress

Partners: Seeking

Timeline: August 2016- October 2016

Located in Soroti, BARLAWS is an up and coming nursery and primary school seeking to provide quality education to the children in Soroti district and the surrounding communities of the Karamoja region. The school has already registered impressive feedback from parents of school pupils and the community at large. We developed a comprehensive business proposal to help propel the school’s future plans and are now working on access to funding for the school. For details to find out progress and requirements of the project please visit the contact page and make an inquiry. Also visit Blue Luxury Investments for more details on how to engage.

Stay tuned for upcoming projects

Sports Tourism International

Sports Tourism International is a Ugandan based tourism outfit seeking to provide a trendier outlook to adventure lovers, incorporating energetic activities in its tour package like white-waters rafting, marathons and mountain biking. The company is currently preparing its export strategy to select target markets, a move that will serve to improve their expansion policy. Maria is involved in developing this strategy and proposals for funding.

Krafts 256

Krafts 256 is a community empowerment initiative seeking to provide unique and creative crafts which include basketry and cow horn products. These products encompass befitting charm and elegance that magnifies the beauty of the beholder. The project is a green initiative that recycles cow horns to produce beautiful jewellery, desk organisers and fashion apparel. Maria is involved in preparing a comprehensive business strategy complete with value chains and taking into account the need to profit from exports.