Green Jobs and the Global Economy

I have been in the American workforce for a bit now and it has taken me a bit of time to come to grasps with the job economy and how this translates into climate action. As an entrepreneur and co-founder I am really really lucky to have funds coming in to support projects that we believe in as BLI Global. But, bills have to be paid and this means a job has to be maintained.

I can say from real-life experience (which sounds so cliche) that it is not uncommon for folks across the pond to have two or three jobs just to make ends meet. I can also imagine that way back when, it was normal and ok to not give a second thought about where you worked as long as it put food on the table. However, these days, with young and old people alike being more concerned and conscious about the environment, there is a silent but massive exodus of workers away from traditional employment to more eco-friendly opportunities.

The sad reality is that the green economy is still relatively a new-born and needs nurturing. There is not enough policy in place or financing (in my opinion) to govern private sector transition and to cater to everyday job transitions. The truth is that it is going to take time to get to the ideal (if we even get there) space where we can truly say that there are enough green jobs to go around. But, it is not going to happen without the collective efforts of everyone, including banks, traditional establishments like physical businesses, stores and fuel stations (I hate to say this but this is the current reality of our everyday life, so best to really put it out there), and academia.

However, in my honest opinion, the true change will be in the last-mile coverage, meaning, those employees who are performing blue-collar tasks, and whether they feel like they have the opportunity to choose a more eco-friendly career path. Because white-collar jobs will always transcend to the forefront in progression, but this does not translate into equal opportunities for all, or necessarily mean that the economy is transitioning to green.

This is why I always remind myself to be humble, and to remember that climate action and a just transition also mean creating eco-systems for the next generation to be able to survive on, away from oil-powered and fossil-centered opportunities.

I strongly believe we can get there, if we all work together and chip in wherever we can, where our strengths lie.

As Lovingly as Always,

Lady Maria Horne

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