Storytelling for Change

Storytelling is a joy! Especially when you have children gathered around you in a circle, eager to hear the tale you have to tell. I have often seen storytelling as a powerful tool in driving impact, inspiring others, sharing wisdom from lessons learned and yes, bringing about change.

For the past three years, BLI Global and RESI have been working on creating a shared experience through Storytime. I am so pleased to say that it has been such a refreshing journey learning how to write for children, recalling how we were eager children ourselves, excited to absorb new knowledge. It took us two years to finally get the book published, largely due to funding, but we did it!

And now, a few days away on Mother’s day we will be hosting our first ever global reading room where we will read out loud James’ journey as he finds his footing to become a steward of change and advocate for mother nature. I want to invite you, dear reader to attend this free reading room with us. We will have four amazing readers take turn to the glee and joyful shrieks of children. There will of course be colorful illustrations to boot.

If you are available, if you are a parent, if you are a guardian, if you have children who love stories read out to them, or if you are simply curious to see what a reading room experience is like, then ours is open to you this Sunday. We will begin at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time, and anticipate having readers and families from around the world joining at different time zones.

Join us by registering at and you can grab yourself a copy of the storybook below beforehand.

I strongly believe in nurturing family time and investing in family activities and I trust this will be a rewarding and fun experience for you.

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Mother Nature Day.

See you there!

Lady Maria Horne

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