We wish you #Happiness for 2021

Dear 2021,

Thank you for 2020. Despite the challenges, we got so much done, perhaps more than we thought was possible.

For this year, we want to ask for only one thing. #Happiness. Happiness can be felt by the compassion you show others, the love you share with a loved one, the great food and wine you toast to after spending an hour in the kitchen pouring your heart out into an imperfect meal; the friendships you nurture and cherish and grow throughout the years, you know, those friends that always have your back no matter what, correct you and keep your pride in check and love you just the same; Family… as complicated as it is, the gift of family that inspires you to be a better version of yourself.

Happiness, a magical word that melts away pain and despair and infuses hope and dreams into the coldest and darkest of hearts; Community helps make that possible. Happiness can also mean a steady stream of income, travel to distant lands, an accomplished project, exploring the great outdoors, or even fame and fortune. Whatever suits your fancy and puts a smile on your face, that is your definition of happiness.

Therefore, we wish a bucketful of happiness to you and yours. Perhaps you could do with a shower of it, so there you go.

And when the dark shadows of failed ambitions try to rear their ugly heads in your face, remember the light that happiness shines to keep you safe, loved and feeling special.

Happy 2021!

From our hearth to yours.

The Hornes

P.S. Maria is volunteering at the local soup kitchen to help bring healthy quality food to people in our community that need it.

#lightmagic #inspiringglobalgood #leadingwithlove


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