Demistifying AI… and LIFE

What is the meaning of life? What is life? Why are we put on this planet, in this galaxy? Why do we have to die? I was having a discussion with my better half last night about this. These are big questions. With no answers? I don’t believe that in the 8 billion people on this earth, no-one has the answer. Someone has got to know why we are living. Otherwise what is the point of living?

Are we living just because we can, or is there some sort of purpose as to why everyone of us is here at this time? Are some of us more intelligent and others mediocre? Or do we all have the same capacity and capability to achieve greatness? And if we do, then what? Why does one person work so hard to have the best lifestyle money can buy if in the end he returns to ashes? What is the point of all this? Are we meant to be extinct?

Is there life after death? Or do we reincarnate into someone else, a new being? Why do we have to die? If we have to die, why can’t we find a way to preserve our grey matter… you know that knowledge embedded in our skull, why does that have to die with us? How does the generation after us profit if we die with our intelligence?

Speaking of intelligence… isn’t it highly possible that we aren’t the only intelligent beings in our galaxy? Why should we be so vain into believing that we are the only ones? And if they exist, why haven’t we made contact with any of them yet? And what about Artificial Intelligence? Is that our future? Is it safe to say that 100 years from now human life will have morphed into AI? The dawn of Robots! Is this our saving grace? Our way of saving ourselves from ourselves and immortalizing our existence on earth?

Some think humans have no business living on forever, others think we should try to create eternity for ourselves instead of depending on the unknown afterlife. He says maybe it is better not to know the answers because we may not like what we find. I am somewhere in the middle. Will I tire of waking up to do the same thing every day? Yes, probably. But what if living forever did not mean boredom. What if it meant living better, having more time to explore and discover things yet to be discovered? What if it meant making the way we do things easier, much more fun and much more fulfilling? I would want to be a part of that for sure. I’m not saying we aren’t trying to do that already, but there is only so much one person can do within the average lifespan and given limited resources.

And I haven’t even touched on the possibilities of AI. Sure there is the danger of overpopulation, but what if with AI we could simulate as many as two people into one walking body, and host personalities within that particular brain. Take a house for example. Ideally a couple live in this house, but from time to time, they can host visitors. Now take that example and project it onto AI. Two people can share the same body, same thinking vessel, and feel and share emotions in the same body. And maybe they can from time to time, host an outside party to share their mind and experience life with them on the inside of this same body, without doing damage to the two people.

It’s a lot to process I know. And I’m probably not the only one thinking about all this. In fact I would bet someone is already working on trying to find the answers. I wish they would hurry up though, as I definitely would appreciate knowing some of these answers before my time is come.

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